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digitalSTROM AG

Booth number: Hall G, Level 1, 81719

About us

digitalSTROM AG offers a smart home technology, promoting digital lifestyle and end-to-end connectivity. Intuitive in its use, the system communicates via existing power lines thus, connecting and orchestrating all electrical appliances as well as broadband devices in a home to create a reliable platform, also open to third party apps, products or services. In 2004, digitalSTROM was created from the idea to connect electrical devices in an inexpensive and ergonomic way as well as giving them an intelligence of their own. Following a seven year development phase and a conceptual collaboration with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, digitalSTROM was launched in 2011. Today, the German-Swiss company with headquarters in Zurich-Schlieren (Switzerland) sells the innovative product in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has started to enter the market in other European countries. digitalSTROM is managed by CEO Martin Vesper.

Products and services

digitalSTROM is a flexible and retrofittable smart-home technology for any home. Intuitive in its use and easy to install, the system communicates via the existing power lines: digitalSTROM equips all electrical devices with their own intelligence, connects them to each other and to the Internet. The result is a highly reliable, end-to-end infrastructure that allows you to connect any applications, products, and services via open interface, also integrating broadband devices. Once installed, the solution can be constantly enhanced via new services and apps and customized to meet individual needs and living situations.This opens the door to creative smart living solutions: Next to many applications for more comfort, security and energy efficiency, digitalSTROM also enables new business opportunities for third parties. digitalSTROM is marketed by digitalSTROM AG in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as other European countries.


The core of the digitalSTROM is a 9 x 9 mm high-volt chip integrated in the digitalSTROM terminal box. The digitalSTROM components can be compared to intelligent circuit breakers. The integrated high-volt chip canswitch electricity, dim or measure, run small programs, store data and communicate. Successful miniaturization and digital intelligence make digitalSTROM suitable for retrofitting and installation in new builds. And the system can easily be extended and configured at any time.



The only pre-conditions for intelligent networking are conventional power lines and the fact, that the electrical appliances are equipped with the chip or an existing IP interface. Simple installation by an electrician connects all the electrical devices within a building. The extent to which the devices interact and communicate is nearly unlimited and rangefrom individual lighting moods through connectivity with audio systems to integration of streaming services.



In the smart home of digitalSTROM, all the appliances are intelligent, interlinked and connected to the internet. digitalSTROM takes care of the higher-level orchestration – the interaction between the various devices and services in the home, and the network's smooth operation. digitalSTROM offers intuitive control of the smart home – via light switches, tablet PCs, speech control and free apps.


digitalSTROM AG
Brandstr. 33
8952 Schlieren

Phone: +41 44 445 9900
Fax: +41 44 445 9901

Yasemin Polat
Phone: +41 44 445 9919

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